Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hoping This Doesn't Screw The Project...

(Listening to - Silence)

So, remember that new project I was talking about last week? I now have 95% of a completed outline, so I'm confident it won't disappear after 5k words. Here are the basics -

It revolves around Aiden Black, a cocky pyrokinetic (that's control of fire) vigilante, who spends his nights and days off from work hunting demons. He's pretty darn good at it, too.
The story starts just before he's fired from his job and nearly kills an attacker who later dies. While he's sitting in a cell, he's approached by the head of a group of individuals who do what he does on his days off. Only they're better equipped. And paid. He agrees to work for them (like he has a choice, what with unemployment and a possible prison sentence they'll make go away), only to find later that the group aren't what they first appeared to be.

That's all yer getting. I want you to buy the thing, after all. ;-)

In other news -

Up to five rejections from agents now I believe, but I'm still not letting it dishearten me. 'Tis a difficult game, and I'm a newcomer. My agent is out there.

So, how have your weeks been? Looking forward to the weekend?




R. G. Randell said...

You'll do great with the new WIP. And you WILL get an agent. I have faith in you.

I plan on spending my weekend writing and with you.

Love ya!

Adam said...

<3 ya too!

Now those are plans I can get with. :D


R. G. Randell said...


Brad Jaeger said...

Hillary Wagner, author of Nightshade City, was interviewed by Middle Grade Ninja recently, and in the interview she said that she received 175 rejections before finding her agent.

Keep up hope, and keep writing :)

Melanie Hooyenga said...

I'm so excited you've written your outline! It sounds like a great idea!

No big plans here. We have a family get-together Sunday and I'm doing a little more shopping on Saturday. Oh! And whipping my wip into shape once and for all so I can join you in rejection hell. :)

Erica M. Chapman said...

Ooo I love bright shiny new ideas. Sounds like a great one ;o) You have a great attitude! Yes! Your agent is out there ;o)

Not much, just revising and working. Day job is getting very busy ;o)

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Adam said...

Brad - Thanks! I'm hoping it doesn't take quite that long, but if it does, it does. :-)

Mel - Ta Hoo! Hope the get together is fun, and I'm saving you a seat in rejection hell. ;)

Erica - Thankies! Hope you have a good weekend, regardless of work! :-)


June Kramin said...

Awesome that you can outline & know what you're doing. My characters just aren't that nice to me ;)

Adam said...

Mine will sit down with me and talk me through what they intend to do for the duration of the book. Then ignore most of it and do something entirely different. ;)

Still, I like having the safety rope. ;)


H. Mary Cole said...

Sounds like an interesting story, Adam

Adam said...

Thanks, Mary! It's coming along nicely so far! :D