Saturday, 2 October 2010

I Have News

(Listening to - Nothing, though I'm expecting the puppy to start barking any time now.)

Hi! How the devil are you?

As some of my regular readers may remember, I mentioned that I had some big writing related news, but didn't want to mention it until it was confirmed. Well, the contracts are signed now, so here it is.


Coming soon, A Reaper's Tale. THE FILM!

ARGH!!! You have no idea how excited I am!!!

So here's the story:

A good buddy of mine, June Kramin (AKA Auntybug) sent me an email saying that she had recommended my book to her friend. Said friend then recommended it to his son, a young film maker named Forrest Nelson. He then got in contact with me through June to ask if he could have the rights to make a film of the book.

Once I'd stopped running in circles, I said yes.

The idea is that it will be a low budget indie film, that will closely follow the story. I've already exchanged several emails, and am ecstatic to see that he wants to keep it as close to the original as possible (though since he's in the US, I'm guessing it'll be low on Brits).

As you can imagine, since the contracts have only just been signed and returned, it's in the veryearly stages. I imagine it'll be quite some time before it's out.




Ok, I'm calm again.

Speak soon!



R. G. Randell said...

Congrats sweetie! Of course I knew about this for sometime but I am so happy for you.

Love ya!

Adam said...

Thanks, sweetie!

Love you too! :D


Erica M. Chapman said...

OMG! Awesome news!!! Yay ;o) What a great announcement ;o) Congrats!

Adam said...

Thanks, Erica! It's so exciting!!! :D


Trulyana said...

That is truly wonderful news! I'm so excited for you, and yeah I do really need to read your book! (Makes note to download it now-you wouldn't have a hardcover of it would you?)

Adam said...

Ta, Ana! :D

No, no hardcover, I'm afraid. :)


June Kramin said...

Is sore jealous!!! I have to ask Forrest to approve of Mal 1st before he's cast! tee hee

Adam said...

Dustin Time would kick ass as a film! :D

Oh, indeed! I hope the Mal actor is suitable. ;)


Brad Jaeger said...

Congrats dude!

Adam said...

Thanks so much, Brad! :D


Natasha Fondren said...

Wow, awesome, Adam! That is the absolutely coolest! Hah! I'm tickled pink for you!

That's gonna look GREAT in your query letters!

Adam said...

Thank you, Natasha! I can't wait!

(And it's already in my agent queries... I jumped the gun lol)


Angela Addams said...

That is really awesome news! I'm very excited for you. The potiential is huge for indie films.

Stacey Graham said...

This is fantastic! Congratulations! See? Six days to sell it, a few months until the movie contracts come in --- you', baby.

Adam said...

Angela - Thanks! :-)

Stacey - Thanks so much! I hope you're right. :D


angie said...


Congrats, Adam! :D

Adam said...

Ta, Angie! :D


Jemi Fraser said...

Holy Cracker Jack!!! That's awesome news!! :)

Major congrats :)

Adam said...

Thank you, Jemi! :D


Melanie Hooyenga said...

*dances a jig*

Adam said...

*Joins in*


Nerine Dorman said...

Wow, that's fantastic. I hope they'll be able to keep to the original story. Being involved in the South African indie film industry, I know just how much dedication goes into wrapping a production.

Adam said...

Thanks, Nerine! Forrest (the film maker) has said that he wants to keep it as close to the book as possible, so yay! :D


Kaity Hall said...

OMG!!! That is so frickin' amazing Adam!!!! Congratsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*happy dancing in my classroom, to the horror and embarrassment of my students*


Adam said...

Thanks, Kaity!

Oh, for a video camera in the classroom... ;)


Anonymous said...

that is so freaking amazing! Is your book only in e-book format? Cause I tried looking you up at B&N but couldn't find you to order the book.

If so as soon as I get an e-reader I'm totally getting your book.

Adam said...

Thanks, Lyra!

Unfortunately it's ebook only, due to length. :)


H. Mary Cole said...

Holy Cow!!

That is awesome!!

Adam said...

Ta, Mary! :D


Elle said...

That is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations! :D

Adam said...

Thank you, Elle! :D