Wednesday, 8 December 2010

All Erma'd Up.

(Listening to - OZFM)

Voila, my Army of Ermas piece is now up - Click me!

Also, I guess I did something right, as I've been invited to become a regular poster! Yay! I hope to do the gals (and guy) proud, and will post on here when my articles are up.

The articles themselves will vary in theme/content, but all will be humorous. Or Stacey will flog me. :(



PS - Still on target for getting the next part of my writing series up on Friday. See you then!


June Kramin said...

Loved it. I knew you were the kid on Christmas day type ;)

Adam said...

Hehehe, thanks Bugsy. ;-)

2 days to go till I get all Xmassy. ;-)


Melanie Hooyenga said...

We're supposed to be funny there? Oh noes.

Congrats on the regular gig!

Adam said...

That was what I heard, yeah. Stacey coulda been playing with me, though. She does that. Like a kitty and her miceseses.

And thanks!