Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Let's See How I Did

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At the end of '09 I wrote a writing resolution post. Since it's now very nearly '11, methinks it's time to go over them and see how I did. So, without further ado:

  • Further improve the quality of my writing, through reading, critiques and (most importantly) practise.
I'm pretty confident that my writing has improved substantially. The editing process with my publisher has helped a huge amount. So this is a tick.

  • Increase my productivity, starting at a minimum of 1k a day (or a good number of pages if editing), every day, and working up to 3k by the middle of the year.
Uh, I've had some very high word count periods, but with the slumps, I'd say my average is around 1-1.5k. No tick, and a "bad Adam!"

  • Read more. I'm not saying that I'll read X number of books in the year, just that I'll make a conscious effort to put more books under my nose.
Tick! 30 books so far, though one was unfinished. I'd go for another before the year end but I just got the uncut version of The Stand for Xmas (from my sweetie). I think that'll take me into February on its own.

  • Find my niche. I'm certain it's fantasy, but what kind? Dark? Urban? Epic? Humorous? Steampunk?
Hmm. I know what I enjoy most, which is urban fantasy, but I also love regular fantasy and plain humour. Partial tick?

  • Submit Strand to a suitable publisher.

Big tick! It'll be out around March, I believe. :-)

  • Overhaul Solus and start submitting, along with at least 2 more books.

Solus is currently on sub, but it's on its own. One third of a tick.

  • Write those 2 other books. ;-)

Tick! The sequel to Reaper, and Pyro are both in first draft, awaiting edits.

  • Have at least 2 more books picked up by publishers before Dec 31st 2010.

No tick. This one was a little ambitious methinks. Still, if I'd done it I'd have been over the moon. :-)

So, not too bad, but not great either. I've increased my quality, written and read more, and have another book out, but I didn't reach my lofty goals. Still, there's another year right after this one. Time to think on the new resolutions...

What about you? Did you have any writing aims? Did you reach them?




XD said...

I did reach a goal. I done got published. *smirks*

Great blog post!

Adam said...

Indeed, and you have another out soon! Woot! :D

*Smooches and more smooches.*


Tara McClendon said...

Nice recap. I'm just now starting to think about goals for next year.

Adam said...

Ta, Tara. :-)

I have a resolution post coming up on An Army Of Ermas soon, but I need to do a "serious" one too I guess. ;)


C R Ward said...

Nice work on the goals, Adam. I'm sure 2011 will be even better for you!

Adam said...

Ta, CR! :-)

I hope so too!


erica m. chapman said...

Nice job!! Wow. Awesome year for you ;o) Can't wait to see what happens in 2011!!

Have a great New Year's ;o)

Adam said...

Thanks, Erica! You too!


Dolly said...

You may not have achieved your lofty goals, but you've still achieved hell of a lot, and congratulations for that :-)) You did way better than my lofty goals - which should teach me to be bit more realistic, though it probably won't!!

Good luck in 2011 and hopefully it will be more productive for all of us.

Happy New Year

Adam said...

Thanks, Dolly! :-)

I don't generally do lofty goals, as they can be intimidating, but given that I did reasonably well this year I might go for more of the same. ;)

Good luck with yours!


Melanie Hooyenga said...

You totally rocked 2010 and you didn't even mention the BIG stuff!

Adam said...

That stuff's not writing related. ;-)