Thursday, 27 January 2011

Afternoon All

(Listening to - Snoozing Dogs)

Eep! I've really got out of the habit of regular posting, haven't I? Must try harder!

Lemme see, what's new...

The edit of Pyro is coming along, if slowly. It seems to require more tweaks that I remember noting in the read-through. Ah well, it's all for a good cause. (Agents, publication, the ability to spend money without the bank shouting at me.)

I'm around about 13k into Barefoot, and I've noticed that my writing style has changed as a result of not outlining (I assume). I'm spending more time in the heads of the characters, and my dialogue seems a little more involved. The descriptions remain the same (sparse), but that's nothing major. It's what edits are for, in fact.
The lack of an outline/safety net is still disconcerting, certainly, as I seem to hit a fair few patches of not having a clue where to go, but when the flow is... uh... flowing, I fly through the work, and love that I'm not bound to anything. :-)

Swings and roudabouts, as they say here.

At some point further down the line, I intend to write a more detailed post on my experiences with both outlining and "pantsing". I think it would be interesting to see the differences. I'll need a few more chapters of Barefoot first, though.

In Other News:

I had an optician's appointment yesterday. I believe the man's exact words were, "How did you even find the shop?" (That's right Facebookers, I re-use my puns.)

Judging by my new prescription, I think my right eye is actually a marble. (See! Again!)

Ah well. On the bright side, I get sexy new glasses. ;)

Ever notice how many writers have rubbish eyesight?

Toodle oo!



Vivian Kees said...

Love the new glasses!

Adam said...

Thanks, Viv! :-)

I'm looking forward to getting the real ones, and not the shop models with fake lenses lol. ;)


AvDB said...

That's my favorite part of trying on new frames, leaning in so your nose almost touches the mirror so you can make out how they look on your face.

Adam said...

Yup. Literally, in my case, as my vision blurs once something is more than about 4" from my face. :P


Dolly said...

Looking forward to hearing about your experiment in pantsing versus outlining.

My poor eyes go through so much torture. Even when they hurt, they have to keep staring at screens or at the book.

June Kramin said...

Woot on all the WIPS & such!

Yes on the writers with glasses. Is it because we are on the computer screen so much or are we...shriek... getting old??? ;)

Adam said...

Dolly - Thanks, I'm looking forward to writing it. ;)

June - Ta! I think the screen time certainly has an effect, but I've been going wonky-eyed since 11 or so. ;)


Melanie Hooyenga said...

Woot for new glasses! And for words! That's cool that you're seeing (ha) a different writing style by not using an outline.

Adam said...

Should be getting them in the next few days! Woot! ;-)

I seem more... not fancy, as I'm never fancy, but maybe "stylised". :)