Thursday, 20 January 2011

It's a Comin'...

(Listening to - Queen + David Bowie - Under Pressure)

Morning/afternoon/evening, all! (Pick the least appropriate)

I've two things to prattle on about today!

Firstly, I've just got the final proof for my sci-fi, Strand. In a few days it'll be off to the vendors! I believe the release comes in a month or two, so I'll have to wait (im)patiently.
When the excerpts are up, I'll be sure to post links! :-)

Secondly, I finally reached the point in my new WIP where I'm a little more confident about talking about it.

*Takes a deep breath.*

So, yeah. This is my first foray into so-called 'Low Fantasy', meaning fantasy without most of the fantastical elements. It's usually low on magic and fancy beasts, and revolves around 'normal' people. Or at least that's my understanding of it. Think Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy (if you've read it).

This project revolves around two characters, an assassin and a mercenary with an... odd health issue. It'll start off as two separate stories that wind into one when they finally meet up and discover they have matching goals (and possibly try to kill each other, haven't decided).

Since I'm trying to write without an outline, a lot is up in the air right now. It's slowly taking shape, though, and I look forward to seeing where it ends up.

Suppose I'd better give it some sort of name on here...

Barefoot. Makes sense if you're me. :-P




AvDB said...

"And possibly try and kill each other, haven't decided." Love that freedom when a story is still in the development phase.

Congrats on the release. All details will be shared as soon as they arrive, yes?

Adam said...

Hehehe. It makes for fun writing sessions. ;)

Yup, all info will be put up on the blog, as well as the excerpts when I can put them up. :-)


Dolly said...

Have Fun, Adam :-) As always your stories sound interesting. I am curious to know how you find the non-outline process.

Adam said...

Thanks, Dolly. :-)

I'll have to make a blog post on the experience, once I've more added more to the project. :)

June Kramin said...

Sounds great! You're brave. I can never talk about my WIPs. W00t for you having a title. I think I have yet to give mine a title until I'm done. ('cept for the one we talked about ;) )

Kathy said...

Ooh, Barefoot is a good title! Take it from me.

I'm back to blogging again so hope you'll drop by!

Adam said...

Bugalicious - Ta! The title is only temporary. I need something I can say instead of, "that new one, you know, with the thing?" ;-)

Real titles take me forever. ;)

Kathy - Thanks! I'll go have a nosy... ;-)


Melanie Hooyenga said...

The story sounds great! I'm so glad you've found one that's stuck!

And I hope I didn't just jinx you there...

Woot for vendors!

Adam said...

Ta, Hoo! :-)