Friday, 7 January 2011

A Review AND An Article!

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'Ello all! How the devil are you?

Two links for ya today, should you be interested. First up is an awesome review for my book, A Reaper's Tale, by Plaid Earthworm, over on her blog, Squiggle! Thanks again, Plaid! :-)

Secondly, my article on failed resolutions is up on An Army Of Ermas! Hope you enjoy it!

In Other News:

The new project is coming along nicely, so far. I have a couple of scenes written so far, and am tinkering with a few ideas for plot. It even has a word counter on the right of the blog. :)

As I'm unwilling to jinx this project like I did the last, I'm still not revealing anything. Shouldn't be long now till I'm confident enough, though.




Dolly said...

loved both posts. Commented there.

Adam said...

Yay! Thanks, Dolly. :-)


bettielee said...

Congrats on your review!! And a single dude amongst the Ermas? Great post!
Luv, Sammich

Adam said...

Thanks, Sammich! Although actually I'm the second dude. ;-)


June Kramin said...

An awesome review? Duh!!! :D
Yea for new projects!!!

Adam said...

Thanks, Buggedy-wuggedy!