Friday, 11 February 2011

Things I've Noticed While Writing

(Listening to - Marilyn Manson - The Love Song)

I'll start with story (the fun ones), and work my way to craft. Ugh, I dislike that word. Conjures images of grimy flats and nicotine-stained fingers on well-worn typewriter keys. Anyway:

  • I always want to give my main character a pet, be it cat, dog, or abomination from the depths of Hell, but almost all are removed in the edits. Charlie (A Reaper's Tale) was this close to disappearing into the void.
  • I enjoy raining suffering, both mental and physical, on my characters. Broken bones, charred flesh, lost eyes... Huh, guess it's mostly physical.
  • If I ever write a story without a twist in the plot, the world will turn into jelly and be instantly consumed by the Space Whales. Which reminds me;
  • Most of my ideas are too bizarre to ever leave my brain, lest I'm interned in one of those places with padded walls, and I can't type in a straight-jacket. Tried it.
  • If I followed the rule, "write what you know," I'd only write about computer games, old Shimano drivetrains, and Joss Whedon shows.
  • I've begun using the serial comma, though I have no memory of when I started. Also I'm probably using it wrong.
  • While music aids my cognitive process, I have to know the words to the song or they'll find their way into my work.
  • The more uncomfortable I am, the higher the word-count. This works for both back pain and wonky wrists from typing in bed.
  • If I left my writing schedule to my muse, I'd never get anything done. Instead, I keep her on a long leash. During my downtime she's free to frolic, but when I need her, it only takes one yank. She's a slow walker sometimes, though.
  • Characterisation would be so much easier if I could put every second sentence in italics. But then I'd look a fool, and the bigger boys wouldn't like me so much, boo hoo hoo.
  • The less I write, the more I talk about writing. The more I write, the less I talk about writing. I guess my brain needs one or the other as an outlet, but not both.
  • If I concentrate on doing it right, it reads like robotic crap. If I just write, it's rougher, but better. And rough's easier to edit than crap.
  • I cannot please everyone, so I should concentrate on pleasing myself (shush). I am my own ideal reader.
  • Reading inspires me to write. Good books, bad books, shampoo ingredients... It's all good.

There. Hope you derived some entertainment from this. If not, I owe you 'nother book to make up for it.

(Strand, out in April. It used to have a cat in it.)




Dolly said...

Really cool post :-) What I always love about your posts that no matter what the topic, your personal brand of humour shows up.

Adam said...

Thanks, Dolly. Glad you liked it. :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad to know I'm not the only to read the shampoo ingredient list.

Adam said...

I can pronounce that really long chemical name that's in everything. Cool, huh? ;)


Melanie Hooyenga said...

I agree with Dolly.

That's funny about the pets because I spend way more time thinking about whether or not my character's should have pets, and ultimately never give them one. Probably every other day while walking Owen I think about this.

I also switched to the serial comma over the past few years but don't recall what made me do it. Just seems clearer to me.

Adam said...

Methinks there is a serial comma angel...


June Kramin said...

Eep! I'm so glad you left Charlie in!! So is Val!

Adam said...

Knew I'd get a reaction from you on that, June. ;-)

Fear not, he's still around in the sequels, too. :P