Friday, 18 February 2011

Vivian Kees - The Interview (And Giveaway!)

(Keeping this spelling mistake for posterity.)

Hello, folks!

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here!

Vivian Kees is an author of predominantly romance and horror works. She also happens to be my special someone, so I can assure you this is the bestestestest and most biased interview ever. ;)

You can find Vivian at her blog here, on Twitter here, and on her author Facebook page here. I'll put her book links further to space things out a bit. I'm arty like that, y'know.

(Giveaway details after the interview!)

Ok, let's start with the usual stuff!

Adam - Tell us about your new release, 'Power Play'! 
Vivian - Power play is about the erotic journey of one woman, Daria, who after marriage counselling has found a unique way of dealing with the troubles that plague her marriage.
It’s a light, steamy read.

Adam - If you could pick one scene as your favourite, which would it be and why?
Vivian – I like the ending because everything is resolved between Daria and her husband. She, by that time, also realizes her own self-worth which is something she struggles with throughout the novella.

Adam - How long have you been writing, and why did you decide to start?
Vivian – I’ve had an interest in writing, and books in general, ever since I learned to read. The local library was always one of my favourite places growing up.
I completed my first novel some years ago, but after a rejection with some great editorial feedback, I gave up, thinking I wasn’t good enough.
I started to seriously get back into writing in 2009. Since then I have published two novellas under two pen names and have three more contracted and waiting to come out.

Adam - You write in a number of genres. Which is your favourite, and why?
Vivian – I don’t have a favourite, not really. But I do like writing m/m romance and horror. It’s hard to pick just one because each brings something different to the table, as they say. I love diversity in my life.

Adam - If you could only read one genre of books, which would you choose?
Vivian -  Romance, with horror coming in second.

Adam - When do you write most, and what helps keep you motivated?
Vivian – I write most mid-day. This has changed in the past two years, as I use to do my best work early in the morning.
My motivation comes from the desire to succeed, and I keep hoping that that big contract is just around the corner.

(Also available at AmazonBookstrand, and Allromance.)

Now for the daft!

Adam - Toast always lands butter-side down, but what if you use margarine?
Vivian -  Eggplant?

Adam - I see. Day, night, or llamas? Give reasons!
Vivian – Night. I’ve always preferred it.

Adam - Who's the sexiest man on the planet?
Vivian – My fiance.

Adam - Woot! What about on Mars?
Vivian – As in the bar? Yummy!

Adam - If zombies took over the earth, would you be fightin' or hidin'?
Vivian – I would be doing a bit of both. 

(Also available at AmazonBookstrand, and Allromance.)

And now some more mundane ones!

Adam - Other than reading, what do you like to do to relax?
Vivian – I love nature and photography. I also quilt in my spare time.

Adam - Still want me living with ya?
Vivian – Of course!

Adam - Even though I make you answer silly questions?
Vivian – I’m used to it!

Adam - If you could have any one thing for your birthday, what would it be?
Vivian – I’m not much for gifts so, you!

Aw, shucks! ;)

Big thanks to Vivian for agreeing to let me bother her.


For those who skipped the interview just to get to the freebies, shame on you! That said, I may have done it myself from time to time... *cough*

So, anyway. Vivian has decided to give away Kindle copies of A Sordid Situation and Power Play to TWO lucky people.

All you have to do to be in with a chance is leave a comment on this blog, along with an email address so I can let you know if you win.
(If you'd rather not leave an email on a public blog, you can email your entry to editinghat(AT)gmail(DOT)com )

Got it? Good. :)

The competition will run for 2 weeks from today, ending on Friday, March 4th, and the winners will be chosen using a RNG.

Good luck!




Charlotte said...

Great interview. I especially like your answer about eggplants.

June Kramin said...

Nice interview. I was not surprised at the questions that led to you as the answer. You two are sweet that way :)

Melanie Hooyenga said...

What a sweet interview. Adam, you're a lucky man. :)

Good luck Vivian!

Adam said...

Thanks peeps (and Hoos)! :)


Kaity Hall said...

Love the interview, love the two of you! You're adorable! I loved A Sordid Situation and I can't wait to read Power Play.


Adam said...

Note for me when I come to sorting the entries - Faheem entered via Facebook.

Zebra Rag said...

You had me at "eggplant".

AvDB said...

You two work well together! Great interview.

I love that you pick romance and horror as your favorites, Vivian. Will there be any zombie love stories in your future?

Vivian Kees said...

Av- Yes indeed. I am a huge fans of everything zombie related. It will come out under a different pen name though :)

Mel- Thanks. I'm also very lucky to have met Adam and have things work out like they have.
And for everyone else, eggplants are HAWT!

Melissa said...

How on earth did I miss this adorable interview? Now I know I have even more in common with Vivian than just romance readin' and writin'. Quilts!

Fun and funny!

Adam said...

Glad you liked it, Melissa! :-)