Friday, 4 March 2011

Contest results!

The contest is finished!

In total, there were 7 comment entries, as well as 3 email entries. I listed 'em, mixed the names up, then had Vivian give me two numbers between 1 and 10. Fair as fair can be. ;-)

So, the winners of the two ebooks each are...


Zebra Rag and Faheem!

Congratulations, peeps! I'll send you each a message tonight and once I have email addresses, I'll get the ebooks sent to you!

Thanks all who entered!


Adam (and Viv)


June Kramin said...

Congrats, winners! You guys are making me feel like I need to do another give away. *ponders*

Adam said...

I lurve giving stuff away, so I may have to do one myself, too. Maybe a few copies of the new book (when it's out). ;)


Faheem said...

Thanks :)