Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I could've sworn I posted more recently than this. Bah.

Sooooo, how are y'all? Good? Gooooood.


My Pyro edits are coming along, if a little slowly. I've added a ton of new scenes (I always write sparse, but I took the biscuit with this one), and it's much more readable now. Beforehand it was too straightforward, which, while easy to follow, made it damn dull to read. And who wants a dull read? ;)

I'm also working on my new project, Barefoot, and am still running without a plan/outline, much to my own surprise. No notes, not nothin'.

It seems so far, though I've not too much to go off so far, that I'm less lazy with my scenes. When I outline, I often go from point A to point B without smelling the roses, and then have to go through and add the smelly roses afterwards in edits. Without the outline, though, I take my time and am not so rushed in my writing. In theory, while I'll need to trim a little, the edits will be easier, and I won't need to do some of the things I'm doing with Pyro.

In theory, anyway.

New, and better, post coming soon!




June Kramin said...

I know you haven't posted in forever. I'm trying to catch up & there was nada from you!!
The smelling of the roses usually comes in at 2nd edits for me. Sounds normal - but what do I know? ;)

Adam said...

I've been slacking! BAD Adam! :P

It's usually the second edit for me, too. The first is for fixing the enormous plot holes and poor grammar. :P


Dolly said...

Same thing happens for me as well - when I am writing without a plan, I do write more details, but with outline it is all about moving through the scenes. Now if only pantser writing stops creating plot holes, it would be perfect.

Adam said...

Hehe. :-)

I have yet to write any plot holes in this one, but it's only a matter of time... :P