Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hatless Editing! (And Upcoming Podcast Interview!)

That's right, I'm editing without my editing hat!

I'd like to say that this was because I felt I no longer needed the assistance in my editing, because I'm just. That. Good. In fact it's because I'm some 2,000 miles away from the shelf the hat sits on.

Aaaaanyway. Yeah, Editing. I'm working on making the sequel to A Reaper's Tale read less like a car crash (excluding the scene that has an actual car crash in it). I read it through two nights ago on my shiny new Kindle, and it comes across well. I even laughed aloud at a few parts I'd forgotten about.

Uh, that IS a good thing, right?

It needs some new scenes, and some of the existing scenes need expansion, but it's nothing I can't handle, and I'm enjoying messing around in that world again. It's my favourite. :)

In Other News:

Next Tuesday, I'll be appearing on a podcast named "The Science Fiction Show." The host, Jason Tudor, interviewed me about my latest release, Strand. I'll put up a direct link once it's up.

I hope you all give it a listen, if only to hear what my bizarre accent sounds like. ;)

Be sure to subscribe to them on iTunes, too!




Dolly said...

Did you leave your hat behind on purpose or forgot it?

Enjoy editing. And I am totally looking forward to hearing your voice, and your accent of course :P

Adam said...

I thought about bringing it, but it would've taken up too much space in my already cramped luggage. :P

Every time I see hats in a store, I look for a suitable replacement... ;)

I'm curious to hear how I sound, too! Jason said he'll edit out most of my 'um's and 'er's. ;)


June Kramin said...

Squee for the edits & interview! I hate car crash scenes with no car crash - good call ;)

Adam said...


It's actually a van crash. SPOILERZ!!!


(Van is English for small truck)