Friday, 3 June 2011

Kindles Rock!


I'm currently reading through the manuscript of A Grim Pact on my Kindle. It's awesome!

I can make notes anywhere, like on paper, but I save monies!

Uh, that's it.

Off you pop.

Go on, shoo!



Jarrak said...

Just bought a Kindle and dropped my recently purchased copy of Strand on to it. Favourable impressions on the device so far just a shame that it's easier to get my favourite books via alternate means simply thanks to them not being offered via legitimate retail sources.

Adam said...

Thanks for the purchase, Jarrak! I hope you enjoy the book. :-)

I have yet to have any difficulty with getting ebooks for the reader, but I guess it depends on what you're after. I know some genres are pretty sparse on Amazon.


Nahno McLein said...

So a kindle isn't that bad after all. Maybe I'll consider it again.
Nahno ∗ McLein