Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Resolved to Review

I was discussing reviews with my sweetie the other night, and we were talking about how few reviews some books get, despite their sales. The discussion went something like this:

Me - *Looking at a book selling site* "Jeez."
Sweetie - "What?"
Me - "I know for a fact that this book sold hundreds, if not thousands, of copies. It has 18 reviews."
Sweetie - "Yeah, I know. It's annoying how few people review the books they've read."
Me - "Indeed. Bleedin' ridiculous, it is. They should be ashamed."
Sweetie - "Oh? When did you last rate or review a book?"
Me - "... Crap."

Given that I put a fair bit of importance on reviews when I'm looking at buying a book (that, and in the case of Kindle books, the ability to download a sample), it's rather hypocritical that I generally don't review unless I'm bored, or it's a friend's book.

So, I'm resolvededededed! From now on, no matter the book and what I thought of it (unless it's a case of 'not for me'), I shall at least put up a rating, if not a short review. Nothing long, since I suck at reviews, but I can attempt the highlights/lowlights.

What about you? Do you review?



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