Thursday, 21 July 2011

I Did It Again!

Gah! I suck at blogging lately.

Anywho, the interviews are starting to come back to me, so I should have the first up soon. The rest will follow within one or two days of each other (hopefully one), and I shall bring life back to this husk of a blog if it kills me!

In Other News - 

Sweetie and I have an apartment!

*Insert that 'Celebrate Good Times Come On!' song here.*

We headed out last Friday and stayed with a rather awesome couple of sweetie's (and now my) friends while we searched. After many MANY failed attempts at contacting people for viewings, we got our first, headed over and had a good look around. Along with a bunch of other people. Bah.

Still, we liked, we headed back, we emailed.

We got it.

*Play that song again. You know you want to.*

So, in ten days, we'll be headed back to the big city, laden with the various articles of furniture and accoutrements we've managed to gather in the last couple of months. Who's helping us paint?

Where'd you all go?!



PS - Buy my new book. (Available in most major seller stores soon!)


Darian said...

I would seriously help if you lived closer! Why, I barely even pooh myself anymore!

Adam said...

When you reach 'only when in a bathroom', I'll think about it. ;)


Darian said...

That is so unfair! You know how sensitive I am about that!!!

Adam said...

*Folds arms*

I'm resolute. Resolute, I tells ya!


Darian said...