Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Interview - Avery DeBow

Hi! Welcome to interview number three!

This time we’re talking to skater ‘n fantasy author, Avery DeBow. Her book, Resonance, was recently released, and is available here, or here. You can find Avery herself on her Facebook fan page, here.

Let’s begins, shall we?


Tell us about your book, Resonance.

Avery - Resonance is about a twenty-two year-old nihilistic punk rock slacker named Resonance Murphy who moves to a small Maryland town on the coattails of her estranged mother, hoping to get away with doing nothing with her life for just a bit longer. Once in town, though, Resonance discovers an ancient god is arising in her new home city, and she is the warrior fated to destroy him. Before she has time to unpack she’s launched into a series of grueling, reality-bending trials meant to awaken the warrior within her. Resonance, of course, wants nothing to do with this and enlists a mortician/necromancer uncle and nephew duo to assist her in finding a loophole in destiny. As they aid her in earning her new powers, questions arise about who Resonance really is. Adding to the complications brought on by her unwelcome heroic status are a litany of enemies: a dark magician; a fallen goddess; and a feral, tattooed young woman. Each wants a piece of the power she is set to wield, and all of them are perfectly happy to see her die in the process of retrieving it. It all comes to that moment where Resonance has to decide if she cares enough about humanity to risk everything to save it.

On the surface it’s a “tough-girl-meets-big-bad” sort of (anti)heroic fantasy adventure, but I’ve tried to include a deeper examination of just what it means to accept the ultimate responsibility for other peoples’ lives. There are three other disparate POV characters in the novel, and each one has a unique view of who Resonance Murphy is, and each, by the end of the story, forces Resonance to consider the implication of her very existence. Throughout the novel I tried to maintain a subtle theme about destiny versus freewill, as well as choice and consequence; I enjoy books that pull me along, draw me in with a fun, exciting story, but leave me reflecting on bigger issues once I’m done. Since that's what I like to read, that's how I wrote Resonance.

Skating. S’all cool ‘n stuff. Tell us about how you got into the whole ‘bad-ass roller derby’ thing.

Avery - Oh, the derbz! Man, I’m a complete addict, now. I watched the last gasps of televised roller derby on Sunday mornings when I was little. There was something fascinating and terrifying about those Amazonian women that just pulled me in. Back in the heyday of roller rinks pretty much every kids' parents dropped them off on weekend evenings so they could hang out and skate. Since my family was no different, I grew up rolling in a counterclockwise circle for hours on end. But, the rinks died out, and roller blades became the craze. I didn’t get along well with inlines, so I packed up the skating for what I thought was forever. Fast forward (*ahem*) years, and miraculously roller derby started coming back. I’d see news footage, articles here and there, and of course, “Whip It,” the movie came out. I kept thinking how awesome it would be if my town had a league, so I kept checking. One day, I found a facebook page for the Salisbury Rollergirls. I thought about it for a while, went back and forth with it. See, I'd had back surgery in my mid-twenties and was worried derby might exacerbate the situation. One day I fell down my steps, landed with my lower back dead on a tread's edge. And nothing happened. I figured if I could fall down the steps and not screw up my back, then I could play derby. I came out and watched two practices--and no, there is no hair-pulling, clotheslining, punching, clawing, or biting allowed--ordered my gear, and set about collecting bruises.

Writing or skating? Decide! No thinking!!!

Avery - Do I come into your house and say, “Your leg or your arm? Decide!” No. No, I do not.

Who is your favourite author?
Avery - Agh! I hate this question. [Adam – That’s why I ask it!] I don’t have favorite authors; I have favorite novels. I'm odd that way. My all-time favorite novel, since you didn’t ask, isThe Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I’ve always been a sucker for Arthurian legends, and this one is so beautifully re-imagined. The story is in my head, in some way, all the time. Occasionally, when the storm drains are clogged I wade into the street in my bathrobe and pretend to be the Lady of the Lake.

If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Avery - Fantasy, of course.

Describe your perfect lazy day. (No work of any sort allowed!)

Avery - Well, there are two levels of lazy days (didn't you know this?): functional, and hungover. My perfect functional lazy day would be messing with my garden, reading, then going skating. My perfect hungover lazy day involves all three LOTR movies, the couch, and a fine line of drool coming from the corner of my mouth.


What's your favourite sound?

Avery - British accents, with just a touch of Canadian. [Adam – A girl with taste.]

Which would you rather have - an apple shaped like a banana, or 57 oranges carefully arranged in a pyramid?

Avery - The oranges, hands down. A) Why do I want a jacked-up apple? B) 57:1 ratio is a much better bargain, C) Pyramids of oranges provide infinite avenues for destruction and hijinkery, D) No scurvy!


Avery - Is this part of the apple-orange question? If not, I'm fairly confused. [Adam – Intentional]

Who would win in a fight? Bruce Lee, or the Pope with a shotgun?

Avery - Bruce. A) old dude reaction times are not good at all, and I doubt they teach marksmanship in Pope school, anyway. B) He’d probably slip and fall in those silly red shoes, or get tripped up in his dress, and C) Bruce would of course be undead, making him a zombie AND a badass.

What is your favourite question ever?

Avery - “Would you like your royalties in check form, or will this duffel bag full of cash suffice?” I haven’t actually heard it asked, but it sounds awesome in my head.


Thanks, Av! Always a pleasure. :-)




June Kramin said...

Nice. You're both nuts. You could do interviews for a living, Adam :)

AvDB said...

He could, couldn't he? He knows how to find the funny, that one.

Adam said...

P'shaw. ;)


Charles Gramlich said...

Hum, I seem to have stumbled into a rather odd corner of the universe. Just excuse me and I'll back out quietly. I am unarmed.

Adam said...

*Makes a note of your description*


Carol DeMartin said...


Adam said...

Two DeSomethings on my blog comments! Woot!


AvDB said...

Not just any DeSomething, Adam, but a kickass rollergirl by the name of Nitro Dame. You should be honored.

Thanks for stopping by, Nitro!

the walking man said...

I am an old guy, don't wear a dress or have red slippers and i think I could do Bruce in with the 16 or the 12. Oddly strange interview, entertaining and worth the trip over.

Adam said...

Av - *Bows to Nitro* A pleasure. :)

Walking Man - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!