Sunday, 24 July 2011

Interview - Julie Fletcher

Interview number two is upon us!

This time I’m talking to Julie Fletcher! She is the owner of Black Label Books, a new ebook publisher specialising in short reads, and ParentsGlobal, a website about parenting that includes help, tips, and even freebies. They even interviewed me. Weirdos.

With much ado about nothi--, uh, hang on, that’s not the one I mean. Without further ado (aha!), here’s Julie.


How did Black Label Books come about?

Julie - I was working for an epub that Shall Not Be Named (ever). A good friend of mine was an editor there, too. We were frustrated with the (can I say fuckery on your blog?) and struck out on our own. There are not enough venues for great short stories on the web where authors can earn royalties. So, we made one.

Do you prefer to write, or work on other writers’ books?

Julie -
That's a hard call. I love to write, but the stories we are publishing are awesome, I love working on them!

Tell us about ParentsGlobal.

Julie - ParentsGlobal is my other project with a twist. Most blogs hire writers based on a per post payment method or revenue share. PG allows authors
 to put their own Adsense ads in their posts. No ad rotation, no revenue share. Writers can out-earn the main blog if they promote enough. We're syndicated as of today (7/20/2011).

What's in the pipeline?

Julie - Rumor has it I own a survivalist site, I'm trying to talk my husband into a special zombie project, and there are 7 more BLB books coming. 

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?

Julie - Mark Twain. Someone told me that I could be a female Twain...I reckon that might be true, ask me later after I've indulged in a few cold ones.

Do you use beta readers?

Julie -
Yes. Darn things eat all of my batteries, though.


Who would win in a fight between a giraffe with an uzi, and a llama with three legs and a super soaker full of Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster? Show your workings.

Julie - The llama. 

[No working out! 50 DKP minus.]

What's your favourite sound?

Julie - The silence after the kids fall asleep and before one of them wakes up calling for water/potty/my head.

Which would you rather have - an apple shaped like a banana, or 57 oranges carefully arranged in a pyramid?

Julie - The oranges. If someone gets too close, I can fire them at their head. If I freeze them, they would be great for taking shots at zombie heads.

Hats. Discuss.

Julie - Hats are a necessary part of life. Without them, we would have nothing to line with aluminum foil in order to keep the aliens from scanning our brain waves. 

What about this weather, eh? 

Julie - I grew up in the South Eastern USA, Adam. We've literally fried eggs on sidewalks to mess with folks from 'Up North'.

If you strapped toast butter side up onto the back of a cat, and dropped it from a height of six feet, would the local animal welfare service beat you up?

Julie - My luck, I'd end up with PETA protesting my house. 


And there we are! Thanks again to Julie for agreeing to be bothered by me. :-)

More interviews to follow! Stay tuned!




Angie said...

Pff. Oranges.

Adam said...

I don't see how anyone could not want the almighty appanana.