Thursday, 28 July 2011

Interview - Lyra Torres

We’re baaaaaaaack!

Interview number four! This time we’re chatting with Lyra Torres, short story author and owner of the Beyond Tourism blog.

Let's get to it!


Tell us about your blog.

Lyra - My blog covers the many topics that make up the history of Florida. I'm a history major and realized that in the wide scheme of things you would think that nothing happens here. I decided to try to change that up a bit with this blog. Also, I needed something to prove that my degree wasn't a total waste of money. And hey you know Florida is more than just Mickey Mouse too. I've always been a Looney Tunes fan myself.

By any chance is your favourite state Florida?

Lyra - I grew up in Florida although I lived in South Carolina for awhile. So I don't know if it's my favorite but it's the state I know the best.

Do you prefer writing fiction or non-fiction?

Lyra - I love writing fiction because I can make it all up. Non-fiction seems to be more rigid because if an idea of mine doesn't line up with anything already out there then it probably didn't happen. I'm not really into writing about conspiracy theories or revisionist history. You know the American Civil War wasn't actually about slavery. Florida was Britain's 14th colony they just didn't join the rest of the colonies in the revolution despite three separate invitations to join.

What genres have you written in? What are your favourites?

Lyra - I love writing science fiction. I had one short story published because I'm not very prolific and that magazine is now out of print or maybe they are under new owners. I can't remember now it was about six years ago. I love reading in all genres. I've currently been reading fiction on Mars and some Stephen King.

If you look at my bookshelves right now it's a mix of quilting books, writing books, Science fiction, Civil War history, and a growing collection of horror mostly made up of Stephen King. Science fiction is my favorite. I think I got it from my parents, I was named after a princess from outer space after a character in an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel.

What's in the pipeline?

Lyra - For my Florida History blog, I'm going to write at least one more post about the movie industry to go along with my current post on the first homosexual movie recorded. Jacksonville was the movie capitol of the United States before Hollywood ever was. Then with the end of the Space program I'll probably do a few posts about that at least. If anyone has an interest in a particular aspect of Florida history I have an email address they can email me or they can want they can post in the comments section.

If you could meet one author, living or dead, who would it be?

Lyra - My favorite author of all time is Laura Ingalls Wilder. It was reading not only her Little House on the Praire books but also West from Home, and her biography. I have yet to read her numerous newspaper articles. She was my inspiration for becoming a writer.


Who would win in a fight between a giraffe with an uzi, and a llama with three legs and a super soaker full of Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster? Show your workings.

Lyra - I'd have to go with the three legged llama with super-soaker of Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster. He can jump to mouth level of the giraffe spray the gargle blaster and the giraffe will forget how to use the Uzi. Then the llama will just take the Uzi from the giraffe and thus end the fight. The giraffe was probably just jealous of the llama's hair.

How's my hair?

Lyra - You look much better with a beard than without one. You have brown hair like me so that's always good. Okay if you look at my facebook page it shows blonde but it's just a dye. Canada is colder than England right so your face will stay warm.


Lyra - Srsly like a I can has cheezeburger cat srsly.

Doors, eh? Funny things.

Lyra - It's was a good band. Otherwise they are hard to see through and the peephole is never low enough for me to use properly. Okay the second sentence was about actual Doors not the band. Peephole is not a code word for anything dirty.

If a cat is launched from a cannon at 800 meters per second, and a dog is launched in the opposite direction at an equal speed, who cleans up the mess?

Lyra - I don't think there will be a mess. The cat will land on its feet and then laugh at the dog for not being able to do the same. But really it's the birds who will be laughing at both because neither can fly.

What's your favourite smell?

Lyra - Right now I'm 23 weeks pregnant I smell everything really well right now. I work in a pharmacy as a cashier so some of those pills are horrendous. Otherwise, my favorite smell is oranges or burnt orange peel. I used to live by the Tropicana plant so when they burned their orange peels you could smell it all over town if the wind was blowing right. It might be an acquired though cause I can never find it in the candle section of any of the shops I go into.


Thanks, Lyra, and best of luck with the new kid (and seeking the candles)! :-)

Next up is...

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Jenn Greenleaf said...

I say - create your own line of "orange peel" scented candles, soaps and lotions! :-)

Adam said...

Or just jam a firework in an orange and take cover.


June Kramin said...

LOL, Adam. I'll keep an eye on the candle for you, Lyra. I live about an hour from Walnut Grove. If you want to come visit your hero's homestead - gimme a holler!

Darian said...

Thanks to this interview, I am going to burn an orange tree.

Seriously though, great read!

Adam said...

June - What about meeeeee? :(

Darian - So like every other Thursday?


Darian said...

Yeah, pretty much, bud.