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Interview - Tori McCalin

Welcome, one and all, to interview number... uh... 42? I forget.

Tori McCalin is an erotica author. Her first book, Corsets and Crimson Cheeks, can be found here. Notice the awesome review from The Long And Short Of It Reviews at the bottom. She was nice enough to put the blurb in the interview, too. :-)

You can also find her on her blog here.



You’re one of those author thingies! What’s that like?

Tori - It's both good and bad. Actually, it's a reality check. I've wanted to publish stories for so long, and now that I have am published, it's sobering. There is stress, joy, relief, pain, glory, hope, doubts, confusion, and all that, but it's also all very worth it.

Tell us about your book, Corsets and Crimson Cheeks.

Tori - Corsets and Crimson Cheeks is both sexy and funny. I think I fell in love with the hero, just a bit (blushes and shoots husband a charming smile).

Here is the blurb.
Jeanette’s finally gotten her big break—posing as a submissive for Maude La Roma fetish wear for the cover of a top fashion magazine. When she learns she’s partnered with her long time crush, male model Dallas Martinez, she nearly loses her cool. But much to her surprise, it isn't Dallas that makes her heart race—it’s big-time photographer Julian Hawthorne. Everyone has a horror story about the man: he’s a tyrant and an ogre and a perfectionist. But a photo shoot with Julian Hawthorne could make a model’s career—unless the model completely screwed it up…

Julian was tired of models who wanted to impress him. They only needed him for one thing—their career. But Julian has needs of his own, and right now, he needed a miracle if he was going to save this photo shoot. The female model was clearly not fetish material, the male was shaking like a schoolboy at the thought of touching her, and the makeup artists had rouged the model’s bottom like a baboon. No one would believe the fantasy of this spanking scene, least of all Maude La Roma. Until the model sat up and asked to be spanked…for real…

What other genres have you written in? What are your favourites?

Tori - I have written many stories, not all are published, of course. Those "other"stories range from young adult fiction, to murder mysteries, paranormal, and even science fiction.

What's in the pipeline?

Tori - Hopefully one or two of my current writing projects will get some of my time. One is a sexy erotic contemportary, a very short story that is part of a formatted collection. The other story is a co-authored project, an erotic paranormal.

If you could meet one author, living or dead, who would it be?

Tori - My co-author! lol! I haven't actually met her in person yet.

Describe your perfect lazy day. (No work of any sort allowed!)

Tori - Oh no! I love working! Aw, can't I work? Okay, if there is to be no work, then I guess lounging in bed with my sweetiepie- after we've slept in. Espressos should be involved there somewhere, somehow. Can we imagine a sexy butler brings some by? Say around ten?


What's your favourite sound?

Tori - My husband's voice. [Adam - Awwwwww!]

Hats. Discuss.

Tori - I look like a dork in hats. I once wore a big floppy blue one which I thought looked sharp, but I was three. Hats look good on other people though.

If you strapped toast butter side up onto the back of a cat, and dropped it from a height of six feet, would the local animal welfare service beat you up?

Tori - Hell yeah. Then they'd write me up in the local paper next to the obituaries and bad mouth me. Then local school children would line up to spit on me.

Who would win in a fight? Bruce Lee, or the Pope with a shotgun?

Tori - Can I say Jackie Chan? [Adam – Partial credit.]

Doors, eh? Funny things.

Tori - I love doors. Sigh. I prop them up in my garden just to fool people, but only doors with funky doorknockers. (you think I'm kidding)

If a cat is launched from a cannon at 800 meters per second, and a dog is launched in the opposite direction at an equal speed, who cleans up the mess?

Tori - You don't like cats much do you? [Adam – Love ‘em! I just also admire their aerodynamics.]
I think there wouldn't really be THAT much mess either. I mean... that's pretty fast, and the impact would be intense. Both canine and feline would be particles, no?
It's either that, or the dog opens up it's mouth and swallows the cat whole.

Thanks for inviting me to your playpen.



Thanks again to Tori for humouring me! See y’all soon!




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Panic attack as weather bulletines warrent.

Thanks for hosting Adam.

Adam said...

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