Monday, 29 August 2011

Back To Querying

Alrighty, so the wedding announcement has been the top post for ten days. It should have garnered enough attention by now.

What? Of course that was my reason for not posting. Laziness? Me? Pfft!


I decided to check on my submission list, thinking maybe I could cross some agents off now, since it's been a month or two since I subbed anything, and I haven't heard anything. Turns out it's been between three months since my last batch went out, and I've heard nothing from any of them. Oops.

*Writes 'assumed rejection' next to the lot of 'em*

This tells me two things. That I'm a lazy sod, who needs to get more submissions out, and that my query may need a tweak or two. Or twelve.

So, today will be spent melting in the heat while I tweak the query and work out a list of fresh, new, and awesome agents to submit to!

What about you?




stacey said...

77* is not "melting in the heat," you English knucklehead, then again I remember being in Scotland during a heatwave - three days above 70*. I think I broke a sweat under my jumper.

Time to get back into the game, my friend! Queries wait for no man--

Good luck!

Adam said...

Hey! The weather website says it 'feels like 93', thanks to the humidity and lack of wind. :P

I'm really not built for heat. :(

And indeed! I shall polish this query till I can see my face in it!


Dolly said...

Good luck. I'm still dreading writing a query in the first place. Barely started yet.

Adam said...

They ain't fun. ;)



Kathy said...

Hi Adam!

I'm mostly writing for two content sites, I guess you call them.

Maybe I'll write a novel or something one of these days.

I'm trying to blog again so visit me soon! I'm gonna be posting pics of the hurricane that just came through here.

Adam said...

Hi Kathy!

Glad to hear you're busy! :-)

I'll go visit your blog right now. :D


June Kramin said...

Best wishes to you! Yeah... that no response thing is a pain. I'd rather an icy "not for me" than to be left hanging :/
You just haven't hit the right one yet. *hits some agents* ;)

Adam said...

Thanks, Bug! :)

I'll get one, worry not. ;)