Monday, 1 August 2011

Interview - DL Hegel

Glory to the Hypno-Toad!

Uh, also, here's another interview!

DL Hegel, almighty poet and high-kickin' bad-ass, is an almighty poet (see below) and high-kickin' bad-ass. Duh.

You can find her fan page here (be sure to like it!), and her Myspace page here.


So, what’s it like being a ninja?

DL - I don't know. But being a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do is nice. I get to break wood, give push ups, and help people reach their fitness goal--can't beat that.

Tell us about your poetry book, Crash Boom Girl. Do you have any themes or ideas you particularly like to work with?

DL - Love, life view, loss, and beauty of the flawed nature of humans. It is mostly free verse poetry with a strong rhythm and beat. The themes are universal, except for the character poems, but I have heard from more than one person they remind them of themselves or someone they knew. I feel it is a book representive of who I am and how I see the world.
[Poem break!]

Mystery of me 

if you can't hear your own heart
how can you hear anyone else’s

i guess that is true
for some people
maybe for me

i have been so many things

voice lost
bird silent
eager eyes
star chaser

laugh soft

never flinching
never showing
never knowing

a special siren's call
to fill my empty spaces

truth matters
undercurrents lie

i am a whole explosion
a wonder to be held
no more than honest passion
awaiting another

to awaken

a spirit to free
and not flee

i can wait
for that perfect state

but the mystery of me
comes in minutes

in minutes i live
in minutes i die 

Do you prefer to read or listen to poetry?

DL - I like both, they can inspire and move a person. Songs are the same in that way.

What's in the pipeline?

DL - I am still in the beginnings of my second collection of poetry Crash Boom Girl 'You Can't Go Home.' I have experienced a lot of loss over the past two years, I'm sure it will be reflected in my work. I maintain and express a positive attitude about life and the things we face. And I never surrender.

If you could meet one author/poet, living or dead, who would it be?

DL - Cummings, Bokowski, Plath.

Define Poet [Adam - NEVER! Mostly because I can't.]. Also song writers, Pete Townsend and Dave Grohl

Where do you get your best ideas?

DL - Songs, love, people, loss, over coming obstacles, and seeing the underdog win. [Adam - Ah, so Rocky films.]

Any writing tips?

DL - Despite the type of writing a person is doing, poetry, short story, journalistic, crazy novel, whatever---do it everyday, don't give up or in and remember to have good fashion sense and wear nice shoes.


How's my hair?

DL - Very nice, how much am I getting paid? [Adam - Yeah, about that...]

What about this weather, eh?

DL - If I'm around to grump about it, it's all good.

Pick a number from one to fifty.

DL - 92

Which is better? Dairy Queen or an inactive laptop?

DL - Dairy queen and a working laptop, I want it all.


Thanks again to the tigress ninja that is DL Hegel. Don't forget to check her fan page here, and her Myspace page here.

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C R Ward said...

Great interview, Adam, and nice to "meet" you DL. Loved the poem!

DL said...

Thank you, CR. Nice to meet you also.

June Kramin said...

*waves to my favorite Tiger*
Cheeseball? ;)
Nice interview, babe!

Adam said...

And what about me? :(


DL said...

Thanks June!

*passes Adam a cheese ball*