Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Interview - Jenn Greenleaf

We made it! The last interview! I told you all those god-awful Powerbars were worth it, didn't I?

Jenn Greenleaf is a writer, as well as a frugal queen. Seriously, if there's a coupon out there, she's used it already. For her writing, check her Facebook fan page here, and her blog here. For her frugalitude, check her website, Frugalarity, here, and it's fan page, here. She also has TWO Twitter accounts. Hers is here, and Frugalarity's is here. Oh, and she posts on the ParentsGlobal site, too!

You can see why Jenn wins the 'Give Adam Wrist-Strain Moving All The Links' award.



Oh frugal queen, give us your best three money-saving tips.

Jenn - I'll give you the quick and dirty answer, rather than the long winded one:

(1) Take inventory of what you have in your non-perishables.

(2) Create a menu plan (breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners) for three weeks at a time.

(3) Cross-reference your inventory with your menu plan - and THEN make your grocery list.

Tell us about your latest book!

Jenn - The one I last self-published (Letters to my Baby) or the one(s) I'm working on? ::smiles:: Okay, I'll give you the scoop on one I'm writing, which will be my first published piece of fiction -- it's title is "The Ghost Writer" and it's about a woman who writes books for authors (or would-be authors) who never got to tell all of their stories. Their "unfinished business" are their books. I'm having fun with the plot, and am hoping to roll it out to beta readers this winter.

What made you decide to self publish?

Jenn - I was told I wouldn't be able to sell one single title if I self-published and I said, "oh, really?" I used to be the editor of a newsletter entitled, "Self-Published Writers," which I turned over to Dan Shaurette. This gave me a bird's eye view into the business of self-publishing, which subsequently lead to working one on one with self-published authors in an effort to get their books in front of readers (this was before Amazon launched My experiences with these authors prompted me to write an "advice/how-to" piece for The Writer Magazine in 2005 because I saw many-many promotional mistakes because people just didn't understand the industry. Having these experiences and being in these situations lead me to believe I could make a business out of selling books. My background as an assistant manager in a bookstore, as well as retail management positions in a music store and a home goods store, gave me the foundation necessary to understand the business of creating and the business of selling.

Who is your favourite author?

Jenn - Please don't laugh . . . V.C. Andrews. I was introduced to her work when I was eleven, and her "over the top, I can't believe that would really happen," plots hooked me into reading. That writing style also helped me understand the fiction world, where things can seem real in an unreal way. I liked that, and so I started writing. My work didn't mirror hers (I was eleven, after all), but I was inspired by hers. Her work also lead me to want to research past places, historical events and geographical locations because I wanted my "un-true stories" to have some truth to them. I remember spending hours at the library that was in the town my Grandmother lived in (I was allowed to walk there because, back then, there weren't many axe murderers or other pillagers around).

If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jenn - Um. Hmm....considering my obsession with paranormal "everything," lately . . . I would have to say . . . um . . . yeah, paranormal.

Describe your perfect lazy day. (No work of any sort allowed!)

Jenn - Really? No work? I have no idea what you're talking about. What do you mean no work. Is there such a thing? Really?

In all seriousness, it would be me in a cabin in the woods with art supplies on a crisp fall day. I'd sip tea during the day, paint, and draw. Then at night, I'd sip wine and I'd make collages and play around in my art journal. I'd complete pieces of art that have to do with my surroundings, as well as those that have to do with nothing at all. I would leave it all out as I work, and not worry about cleaning things up until it was time for me to pack to go home. I would love that.


Doors, eh? Funny things.

Jenn - Doors are my enemy lately! Seriously! Both of my screen doors are broken, and I can't get my sliding glass door to lock without hurting myself. Not nice. Don't even get me started on the bathroom door . . .

If a cat is launched from a cannon at 800 meters per second, and a dog is launched in the opposite direction at an equal speed, who cleans up the mess?

Jenn - Me. It would suck. I get stuck doing all the dirty work around here! ::hands Adam a mop:: It was YOUR idea, YOU clean it up!

Which is better? Dairy Queen or an inactive laptop?

Jenn - I don't think I've ever encountered an inactive laptop. ::grin:: And, I think I've only tasted Dairy Queen twice. I like Ben & Jerry's - they da bomb.

Who would win in a fight? Bruce Lee, or the Pope with a shotgun?

Jenn - I mean no disrespect, but could the Pope hold the shotgun up without falling over. And really, when you think about it, wouldn't the recoil make him fall apart? He seems...fragile.

What is your favourite question ever?

Jenn - How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?


Thanks, Jenn, for the final interview of the series! I like to end on a high. :-)

As for the rest of ya, comment!



PS - It may be a while before my next post, as I'm in the process of moving. Heavy lifting and shopping for cutlery tires me out. Wish me luck with it!


June Kramin said...

What else can I say? Great interview! Nice perspective on the self-pubbing. I love people that want to help people with their goals (& help them save a buck ;) )

Adam said...

Jenn is link-queen. All hail link-queen!


Jenn Greenleaf said...

::waves:: Thank you for the interview, Adam, and thank you for the comment, June! I'm glad I could be helpful, and I'm looking forward to more comments!! xoxox

VirtualWordsmith said...

You two are so funny! Good info, Jenn!

Anonymous said...

Go Jenn! Go Jenn! Go Jenn!

Another great interview, Adam.