Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's October! (Ramble 'n No NaNo)

How the heck did that happen?

After three hours sleep (reason for disjointedness of post), followed by three hours staring at the ceiling, wishing I was asleep, followed by a short shopping trip, it's time to be productive.
I'm just about to format an ebook short for my wife (still feels weird saying that), and after that I think I'll write. Not sure what, yet, but it'll be on one of my projects. After that I may have to nap, but that's allowed if I've worked hard first, right?

Lately I've been in a bit of a writing lull. Actually, that's an understatement. I've been in a deep pit of none-writing. A pit with slimy moss-covered walls and no rope. I'm having to fashion one out of my own beard hair (I have a lot lying about since I turned it into a goatee).
The thing is, writer's write. If I'm not writing, I'm not a writer, and I really like being a writer, so I need to pull my finger out and get on with it. Speaking of which...

I won't be attempting NaNoWriMo this year. I've tried it twice in the past, once as an editing exercise instead, and once as a proper writing exercise, and neither worked out very well for me. If anything I wrote less each time, rather than more. I like the community encouragement and support that comes from joining, but the idea itself just doesn't suit my style.

Good luck to those who are attempting it, though!

As well as the writing, I have editing that needs doing, but I'm pretty turned off from that WIP at the moment. I think I need more time away from it before I can properly tackle it without getting angry and trying to set fire to my laptop.

That's about it for now. Sorry for not posting in a while, and sorry if this post makes little sense. I'm still addled. :-)



June Kramin said...

We all need a break in between projects now & then. When something hits you (like my shoe) you'll be up & running again! I never NaNo either. I'm usually in the middle of something else. Like now. Almost 60K - can't stop now!

Adam said...

*Ducks stylish footwear.*

Nearly done with the formatting/submitting of the ebook. Stress abound. :P

Writing soon!


Dolly said...

Good...get back writing. And I think when you are finding it difficult, it's best to focus on projects you are enthusiastic about so good plan on not worrying about editing that other project.

I'm not sure about NaNo now either. I like it, and I can do first draft, or almost complete first draft (so 50K is not an issue), but I'm not sure that I want to write first draft that quickly and therefore that unpolished anymore. So I will see..I still plan to start a new project in november, but at what point in November depends on when I finish my current first draft.

Adam said...

A lack of enthusiasm was one of the causes of the lull, I think. I'd finished an edit, and the projects I had weren't grabbing me. That's not the case now. :-)

I say just see how you go. If you make the 50k, say you were NaNoing. If you don't, say you weren't. :D


graceunderpressure said...

I really wanted to do Nano again this year (3 wins so far), but since I have edited ZERO of 3 so far, I felt I should finish some things I have started instead. A penalty for not keeping up with the business end of things... It IS great fun and there is a huge sense of accomplishment, but if it goes nowhere, then the people who put up with you in November to help you achieve your goal just get fed up (more stylish footware airborn) I will edit, and next year I WILL write again! mwa ha ha!

Adam said...

NaNoEdiMo for you, then. ;-)

Just think, you could have three bestsellers on your hands. You just need to get 'em polished. ;)