Thursday, 17 November 2011

Whaddya Think?

(Skip to "Short Version" below, if you don't want to read my random musing. Though if you don't, I'm not entirely sure why you're here. It's 90% of my act.)

You may or may not have noticed that I'm posting less these days. In fact, you'd have to be blind not to notice.

Problem is, I've run out of topics. Given that this blog is solely about my writing (and editing) experiences, I'm limited in what I can post about past that. In the past [insert time I've been blogging for], I've covered every writing related topic I can think of, and in some cases I've done it more than once. This makes it bleedin' tricky to post something that isn't a rehash or a "here's what I've done this week that is basically the same as last week" post.

I don't like to post about my personal life, as I'm a private person in some respects, so again, this limits me a bit.

I do, however, enjoy posting about geeky things, though my geek blog gets about as many hits as a fan fiction site dedicated solely to the sex life of fruit flies.

So I thought I'd combine them. I could take this blog, my geek blog, and a large roll of sticky tape, and make me a Frankenblog. It'd still have the writing side, but it would also have posts about games, gadgets, and other geekery.

Granted, some people out there aren't interested in one (or both), but with some thinking, I could probably work out a way of making it so a click would take you to either/or, rather than having to view both.

I'm starting to think that I need to do something before Editing Hat starts to rot.

Maybe a name change is in order, too, to suit the tweak. Gawd knows I've had this name long enough (points for anyone who remembers the previous names).

Short Version:

I'm thinking of combining my geeky and writing blogs, and reinventing the resultant blob of binary. Whaddya think?

All comments and suggestions are appreciated!



Heidi Sutherlin said...

Have to admit, I got stuck on the sex life of fruit flies - short but probably exciting - then caught up quick to the rest of your act. I think a combo writerly geek blog is a great idea. I'd read it. I'm sort of new to the party so it's all new to me, but hey, it's not all about me. Look forward to seeing where you go with this.

Adam said...

Thanks for commenting, Heidi! It's much appreciated. Though your interest in fly smut is troubling...

If I do make the change, I'll think up a way to separate the writing and geek posts for those who prefer one over the other, too. :)


Darian said...

I'm not sure why you can't post about the sex habits of fruit flies. Or Fruit flies having sex with me. Whatevs.

Adam said...



Dolly said...

If you posted about sex life of fruit flies, I certainly would not read it :P ...however, I would follow your blogs and read entries that interest me, because I follow the person. I think that's the advantage of people who've gotten to know you.

On a more practical note, I do believe that if you really want to build LARGE, new audience, it might be tricky if the blog is about all different topics.

It could be done. Especially if your book makes it big for example, and then all your fans will be interested in you and not just your writing process.

So I think you need to decide what's more important to you. Are you happy with slowly growing number of followers who may or may not read all entries but will keep coming back because they like you. Or do you want followers who are fans of your blog?

I had this issue (as you might know by the number of my blogs). Some of you follow all my blogs (because you are lovely, wonderful people). However, I know that not all of you are interested in many topics beside writing. My journaling for example, has mostly different audience.

So conclusion: decide your priorities, then enjoy the process.

Adam said...

Thanks for the reply, Dolly!

To be honest, I'm not thinking to hard about increasing followers. The reference to the geek blog's visits was mostly just a set-up for the joke. :P

I'm more interested in keeping content forthcoming, and with the blog the way it is, that's hard work. There's only so much I can post on the subject of writing, and I've already covered most of it. With the addition of the geeky stuff, I'd have more content, even if a few people didn't like the content.

I'm still thinking about the change, but I need to do SOMETHING, because at the moment, I'm all out of post ideas.


bettielee said...

will there be the occasional post to an amusing Star Wars or Star Trek LOL? Or Stormtroopers dancing inappropriately? Cuz I could deal with a geekery/writing blog that had those sorts of links.

Adam said...

There almost certainly would be, yes. ;)


Anonymous said...

Have you discissed snails? Snails are real.

And I've combined blogs before. One blog didn't miss the other, it works.

Adam said...

No snails as yet. ;-)

And thanks!


Beth Bartlett said...

So what you need is a Swiss Army blog. I could see that.

Adam said...

With one of those little thingies for cleaning a horse's hoof!


Kathy said...

OH,so you need new topics, eh?

How about people? The people you meet along life's way. What makes them tick?

Or seasonal stuff. I like to write about whatever holiday or season is going on.

Adam said...

I have a billion non-writing subjects. I'm after writing relates. ;)