Friday, 23 December 2011

Books 'n stuff

So, it's nearly the end of the year. You may have noticed. This means it's almost time for a new reading list!

This year I've managed to read 46 books, and am halfway through the 47th. I doubt I'll reach 50 by January the first, but that's okay. It's not a race. :-)

That said, though, I would like to increase my reading next year, like I did this year. As you'll see if you compare my 2010 and 2011 lists, I've increased the number of books read by more than 50%. While I won't increase by the same percentage in 2012 (especially since I have the A Song of Ice and Fire series to get through), I'd love to get to the point where I'm reading for an hour or so every day.

As a child, I read every night, and often for several hours. I doubt I'll manage that (I have a little more on my plate these days, not to mention that I need more than ten minutes sleep now), but an hour a night would make for quite the reading rate, which in turn would help with my writing.

What about you? Have you read much this year? Do you plan to read more, or just better books?




H. Mary Cole said...

Hi Adam,

yes I read a lot, maybe too much. If I redirected half the time I read into my writing I'd have a couple of books written with all that time. I do love to be entertained.

I hope you share your reading list with us for some ideas on where to look for some good reads in 2012.

Happy Holidays!

Adam said...

Thanks for commenting, Heth! :)

The reading list will commence as soon as I have something to put on it. :D

Happy Hols!


June Kramin said...

I have read a lot this year. I never tried to count though. Don't know if I'd be happy or sad. LOL. I have to get lost in someone else's work each night. I can never edit my own at bedtime.
I'm grateful for all the great writer's AW has brought to me - like you!

Adam said...

Muah! :-)

Up until a couple of years ago, I never did either. It's nice to have a list of what I've read and when, though. Especially with my memory. ;)