Saturday, 31 December 2011

Yappy New Spear!

Hang on, I think I got that wrong.

Another year has come to an end. In this case, my most important year in all 28. It's had its ups and downs, but the ups outweighed the downs by a good ratio, so I'm pretty durned happy with 2011. It did its job well. Give it a pat on the back.

I had hoped to finish the book I was reading by tonight, so I could start the new year with a new book, but alas, that's unlikely. My total for the year will be 46, which, while not as high as some people (*cough* Dolly *cough*), is more than 50% higher than the previous year, and included some bloody big books (the uncut The Stand, for one). I'm more than happy with the total, and while I didn't crest 50 books, that just means I have a target for 2012.

Real life-wise, it's been a hell of a year. Back in April I flew over to Newfoundland, Canada, and I've been there ever since. I married my sweetheart, Xondra Day, in August, and I don't think I could be any happier if I tried. You're my everything, Xondra. I love you.
Oh, and Charlie the cat is awesome, too.

And so on to the new year! I haven't come up with any real resolutions, but there are a few writing-related things I want to do, so I'll list them here in the hopes that my public decree will spur me into activity.

  • Write more.
  • Submit more.
  • Read more.
  • Edit more.

Complex list, eh?
I also intend to blog more. I have my sights set on one a week at first, and I'm sorry to say that even that sounds daunting. Methinks some guest blogs, interviews, and themes are needed to get me in the spirit again. Editing Hat will rise again!

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers, and even to my horrible readers, too. I wish you all nothing but the best in 2012. I'll wish you twice as much if you buy my books, too.




June Kramin said...

Happy New Year to you both, too!! Here's to more great reads from your arse next year!!


Adam said...

My arse's writing ability is sorely lacking. :P
Happy New 'Un, Bugalicious!


Georgie said...

Happy New Year, Adam! Here's to living the good life! :)

Adam said...

Thanks, Georgie! Same to you! :-)


Beth Bartlett said...

Hope you have an incredible 2012, no matter what the Mayans say! Happy New Year! ;)

Adam said...

Ta, Beth! Muah! :D