Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 Reading List

That's right, it's here! Woo! :-)

The target for this year is... *drumroll*... one more than last year. So 47.
I'm confident I can reach that, as long as I don't fall into any non-reading spells. Anyway, the list:

Edit - Yeah, so... Not doing that well, am I? :P
  1. Kelly Meding - As Lie The Dead - 01/01/2012
  2. Kelly Meding - Another Kind Of Dead - 15/01/2012
  3. Brent Weeks - The Black Prism - 31/01/2012
  4. Kelly Meding - Wrong Side Of Dead - 07/02/2012
  5. RA Salvatore - Neverwinter - 21/02/2012
  6. Stephen King - The Wind Through The Keyhole - 10/08/2012
  7. Kevin Hearne - Tricked - 22/08/2012
  8. Jim Butcher - Ghost Story - 27/08/2012
  9. Joe Abercrombie - The Heroes - 27/10/2012
  10. KA Stewart - A Shot In The Dark - 27/10/2012


graceunderpressure said...

what an awesome idea. I could stick my list beside my bedroom calendar and update it as I go. Do carryovers from previous year count? (I'm still halfway through about 3 books).I get a little distracted...

Adam said...

I count them, yes. That one up there is a carry-over. :)


Carolee said...

Oh, dear. I have no list. But I do have books aplenty! On top of the tons I already owned, my cousin send me home with two bags full just after Christmas. I can't say I will come close to your goals, but I shall read, indeed!

Adam said...

Lists are fun! Easy way to keep track, and it gives you something else to put on your new blog. :D