Monday, 2 January 2012

Blog Pimp!

Hey hey, peoples, I'm pimping again!

*Dons purple top hat, goes hunting for bedazzled cane.*

It's for my digital sister, Carole, and her new blog, Irrational Propensity. You can tell from the name that it's going to be awesome, can't ya? For those who don't know here, Carole is a very talented writer, who's recently starting playing around with fiction writing again, too. I've read some of her stuff, and I cannot WAIT for more.

Seriously. Can't wait. What the hell, sis? Get writing!

Her blog is brand spanking new, so I hope you'll all go and check her out and make her feel welcome.

*Struts off to blog.*

In Other News:

I've been having Reaper-like thoughts, lately. While I won't be publishing a new Mal 'n Xyla tale for a while yet, this is still very good news. So cheer, damn it.




Carole Lee said...

Thank you, broheim!

I'm cheering, and I can't wait! *checks watch, taps foot* Reaper! Let's get crackin!

Adam said...

You're welcome, sis! :-)

I just got another idea for a (non-Reaper) book, too! Yay!


graceunderpressure said...

*bedazzled by all the bling* Wow, the Rock is not ready for that look! I will go forth and read. :D

Adam said...

Yay! :)