Friday, 13 April 2012

Regular Blogging? Never 'Eard Of It.

Hello people! Remember me? I'm the occasionally funny Englishman living in Canada who used to blog on here.

It's been nearly two months since my last blog post. That's loopy. I need to start putting the effort into it again!


In the last two months I've had some mild success with my erotica works. In fact, they're selling better than my regular works, and by a large margin. This brings me to somewhat of a dilemma. The erotica brings in money, but the non-erotica is far more fun to write.
While I'm capable of working on two projects at once, one will inevitably receive much less attention. It won't necessarily suffer, but it will take a lot longer before it's completed.
So I should just work on the erotica to make the money and then pootle away at the other stuff, since it doesn't really matter how long it takes, right?


Problem there, is that the non-erotica could potentially do even better than the erotica, providing I could snag an agent and a big publisher.

See the issue? It's like one of them there circles. The vicious ones. With big teeth.

And an umbrella.

My current thinking is to alternate. I have several erotica works out there at the moment, and they're doing quite well, so I can write something else for a little while. Once that is drafted, I can move back and fire out some more smut, then come back and edit.
It seems to work, but I'm still wishing I had a clone.

Whaddya think?



PS - Don't give me any of that "money's not the most important thing" crap. Bills do not pay themselves, and cookies do not buy themselves. This is a profession, not a hobby.


June Kramin said...

I don't think there is an aspect about writing that doesn't put you in a situation that is like being in the middle of a rock of those really hard things. ;)

As long as you have the talent to pump out the naughtys & that's what pays the bills, I guess you've answered it for yourself.

You know I love everything else you've done. I think you have an agent somewhere just waiting to be lucky to discover you so yes, you'll have to get something else out there but I guess it'll be all in due time. When it hits you you'll be ready to park the naughtys for a spell & pound that sucker out. know what I mean. :D

Adam said...

So many innuendos I could make. :P

Thanks for the comment! It's a tricky one, ain't it. Like you say, though, I suppose writing is all about stuff like this. ;)



graceunderpressure said...

Is there a danger that you will not be taken seriously for the 'other stuff' after selling erotica?

Adam said...

Thanks to the power of pseudonyms, no. ;)


Mike Crate said...

It's interesting that I've read a lot recently about the image of erotica writers (mainly female) in the fall out over Paypal and the like so it seems working on what brings the money in has to take priority if there is no direct fall out.
At the end of the day if you can make money out of erotica then you are wasting part of your talent if you don't do so.
So for now that may mean more "mainstream" work has to take a back seat but having read your work I've no doubt when a story is ready it too will do well.

Adam said...

My stuff has never been in the sights of the Paypal brigade, thankfully. It's all above-board porn. ;)

Cheers for the reply, matey!