Tuesday, 14 August 2012


It's 6:38AM, and I've not slept yet (when Sweetie works a night shift, I keep her hours), so forgive the odd grammar and spelling faux pas.

I gave up on the GRR Martins. I made it halfway through the first book and realised that it had taken me over a month. Not because the book is long, though it is, but because I didn't give a flying fireball about any of the characters. Well, okay, Tyrion was pretty awesome, but one character ain't enough. Especially given how bloody many Mr. Martin puts in a book.
So, I put the book down and picked up Stephen King's The Wind Through The Keyhole. Now that's how you write a book. It's now done with and has left me wishing I'd brought my Dark Tower paperbacks over to Canada with me.
Next on the list is Kevin Hearne's latest, followed by Joe Abercrombie's, then Jim Butcher's. I also have a couple more urban fantasies to get through, and some samples of fantasies that were recommended by friends. It feels good to be enjoying reading again.

In writing news, I've been mostly concentrating on the smut side of things, since that brings in the cash, but I do have a fun new idea for an urban fantasy series, thanks to my wife. For those seven people who bought and enjoyed my A Reaper's Tale books, you'll be happy to hear they're similar in style. I hope you'll like the main character, too. He's rather Mal-like.

Of course, I need to finish planning the story, write it, edit it, snag an agent, snag a publisher... So give it a few weeks before getting impatient, okay?


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