Thursday, 1 November 2012



So, once again it's been bloody forever since I posted a blog. I blame me and a lack of subjects I haven't already covered. Like, y'know, this one.


So, who's NaNoing this year? What's your poison? Fantasy? Romance? Time-travelling tragi-comedy?

I won't be doing it, much like I didn't last year. The previous two years to that, though, I tried it. It didn't work well for me.
I will, however, be attempting to write more. I'll just be doing it by myself instead. I've been doing pretty decently with my romance/smut titles, and I'd like to push myself further. I could use the money. ;-)

Just a quick post this time, but once again I shall insert a promise to post more often that I will no doubt ignore.




MC Howe said...

I'm trying for the first time. No idea if it will take. I haven't been a real writer for almost two years.

Adam said...

Best of luck with it!


Angie said...

Hey, Newfie! I gave you a blog award thingie at my Band Geek blog - it'll be up tomorrow, so you can see what the heck I'm talking about. :)

Your Favorite Zebra

Adam said...

Muh? ;)

Remind me tomorrow! :D