Monday, 31 December 2012


Happy New Year to the few that still bother reading this rarely updated blog! :-)

Since it's very nearly an entirely new year, I thought I'd best throw a post up about years and such.

A year is 365 and a quarter days long, and is lengthening each year b-- Alright, I'll shut up.

2012 was a mixed year for my writing. On one hand, I got a ton of erotica published, and it's been selling reasonably well. On the other hand, there is skin. Also, a lack of progress with my non-smut stuff. But that's okay, because I've got sales with the smut. Right?
It was also a slow year for reading, as anyone who's seen my reading list can attest. My target was 47 books, and I managed ten and a half.


So 2013 will be a new start, both writing-wise and reading-wise. More writing, with an aim to increase the non-smut, and more reading. Might even branch out of fantasy. Not too sure about that, though. There are so many books published every year that I'll never read all of my most favourite genres. Expanding my horizons will make it even bloody harder.

So, uh, new year. Happy. Yay!




Dolly said...

Still reading your blog, Adam :-))

10.5 books? Come on, get reading!! I can cheer you on FB if you want!!

Well done on smut sales. You've done a lot of that in 2012.

I wish you a very productive 2013, writing-wise and reading-wise and life-wise!!

Adam said...

T'was an odd year, reading-wise. I'll get back into the groove, though. ;)