Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A New String To My Tattered Bow

'Ello all!

In an attempt to increase my smurtification factor, I've started learning HTML and CSS.

It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and after someone put a link to a site on my Facebook newsfeed, I took the plunge. So far I'm doing well. The stuff seems to be sinking in, and I'm getting through the lessons with very little difficulty. I'm not doing too much in a day, to make sure the stuff sticks, but I'm itching to learn more.

The end goal - other than being able to say, "I know HTML 'n stuff" - is to be able to build my own website. The site also teaches Javascript, among other languages, so I may well look into making Android apps, too.

Writing Stuffs

The contract for my first Reaper book, A Reaper's Tale, ends very soon, and I've chosen to let the book disappear from shelves rather than leave it selling. I've also taken down its sequel, A Grim Pact. I've done this for two reasons. Firstly, it ends my issue of having two books in a series with different publishers (which would make selling a third tricky). Secondly, I think I can do better with the stories. I'd like to reread, then overhaul the stories, and perhaps republish them. That, or leave them down and remake the series. If Hollywood can do it, why can't I?!

Either way, Mal will be back, and better than ever. :-)



PS - Totally HTML'd this post, even though the 'compose' mode makes it pointless. So awesome.

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