Friday, 21 March 2014

This Bloke Wrote A Half-arsed Blog Post, And What Happened Next Will--

Enough with the clickbait.

If everything is 'mindblowing' and 'incredible', then nothing is. I've now reached the point where I won't click any links/videos using this crap.

Anyway. Writing stuff.

I'm getting back into my groove once more, helped along by an acceptance from one of my smut publishers. I'm currently working on an anthology submission, then I'm back onto longer smut again. As for my non-smut, I'm once again stalled. I need to set aside time for both. Perhaps smut in the morning, and the fun stuff in the evening, so there's a good gap between them. Not that it's easy to mix up my fantasy with my dirt. Most of the time, anyway.
How's everybody else doing with their writing?



Dolly said...

lol...lots of people consider "smut" fun, hence the high smut sales :-)

Adam said...

I'm not one of them. :P